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Version 2.2.1

Window of the Diffraction image and photo editor.
macOS Dock with the Diffraction application shown running.

Diffraction is a first class photos and image editor built from the ground up for macOS. With Diffraction you can color correct and retouch your photos, make creative compositions with layers and masks, or create your own images from scratch.







Layers and Masks

Create compositions with layers and layer masks. Adjustment layers allow you to losslessly color correct your images.

Diffraction documents can contain multiple pages, so working with image files formats that do support multiple images in one file – like TIFF – is not a problem.

Effect Filters

With filters you can sharpen or blur your images, add distortion effects, apply halftone patterns to make your images look like comics or newspaper prints, or pointilize an image to give it a painterly look.

Disc Blur
Circles Halfont
Bump distortion
Find edges
Polar Coordinates
Radial blur
Color halftone

Powerful Editing Tools

Info tool
Crop tool
Rectangular selection tool
Elliptical selection tool
Column selection tool
Row selection tool
Lasso tool
Magic wand tool
Quick selection tool
Brush tool
Pencil tool
Eraser tool
Fill tool
Gradient tool
Move tool
Transform tool
Dodge tool
Burn tool
Sponge tool
Blur tool
Sharpen tool
Smudge tool
Spot removal tool
Clone stamp tool

Diffractions powerful editing tools allow you to crop your images, paint or erase, draw gradients, or retouch your images with dodge & burn, clone stamp and spot removal tools.

Skater doing the Ollie trick.

Design With Patterns

Create stunning designs with more than 30 built-in high quality patterns.

 Or define your own.

Select Persons with One Click

With just on button click Diffraction will automatically make amazingly accurate selection masks around persons.

¹ requires macOS 12 Monterey or later

Jumping Ballerina.
Selection Mask around a jumping Ballerina.



Use Your iPhone’s Portrait Mattes

Window of the Diffraction image and photo editor showing an iPhone portrait shot with portrait mattes.
iPhone with camera app open taking an image of a fitness model at the beach in Florida.

No need to tediously create selection masks for your iPhone portrait shots. Your iPhone’s RAW files already contain them for people and other features like skin, hair, and teeth.¹ With one click you can load them as current selection and edit straight on.

¹ requires compatible iPhone

Portrait of young woman before skin retouching.
Portrait of young woman after automatic skin retouching with the "Soften Skin" filter of the Diffraction image and photo editor.

One-click Skin Retouching

With Diffraction the perfect skin retouch is just one click away. The Soften Skin filter does all the work four you automatically, without the need for masking or cloning.

Extensive support for PSD documents

GIF Finder icon
JPEG Finder icon
HEIC Finder icon
Document icon for the Diffraction image and photo editor for macOS.
PSD Finder icon
TIFF Finder icon
PNG Finder icon

With extensive support for the PSD file format you can import and export PSD documents with layers, adjustment layers and masks to share your work with others. And of course Diffraction can open and export many more standard image file formats like JPEG, PNG, and HEIC.

What’s new in version 2.2?

Color Lookup (LUT) adjustment layers.

Auto-select the clicked layer in the Move & Align tool.

macOS 11.7.10 Big Sur or later. Mac with Intel or Apple Silicon processor.

System Requirements

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